Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kentucky loses jobs even while unemployment in the rest of the country drops

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Given the fact that the holiday season is upon us and the rest of the country is experiencing modest job growth, its shocking that Kentucky is left behind the rising trend. Now is not the time for government job cutting.

Unfortunately, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell believes that budget cutting is the answer. In fact Kentucky lost 1,300 jobs last month to government spending cutback that only contribute to more unemployment and poverty in one of the poorest States in the country.

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  1. So, who keeps electing this thug?

  2. The people who enjoy this state of being so that they may pray at ballgames, in classrooms, display the tin commands and roll gays with impunity. They also want white supremacy and a christian government - will forever vote against their financial interest - their religeon means more to them than the money.