Friday, December 17, 2010

Kentucky County is poorest in the nation and getting poorer: US census

Owsley County, Ky., has the lowest median household income outside of Puerto Rico, according to the US Census Bureau. And its getting poorer with  median income having decreased to $18,869 from $20,346 in 2000.

Is this what Mitch McConnell has in mind for the rest of the country?

Read this: Four out of five poorest counties in the US are in Mitch McConnell's Kentucky

Read the ABC News report.

There's alot more than trees falling in Owsley County, Kentucky than is pictured in this shot of a local landslide. So while Mitch McConnell fights for the rich in Washington, DC, the residents there remain the poorest in the nation with high rates of drug addiction and incarceration.

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