Thursday, July 21, 2011

McConnell shills for Big Coal even as Kentucky leads the nation in cancer deaths

As you can see in this campaign ad, when he's running for office, Senator Mitch McConnell claims to be the "Godfather of Green." When he votes he supports some of the biggest polluters in Kentucky and around the world even when his own constituents are dying in disproportionate numbers from environmentally related cancers.

Here are the facts:

Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky leads the nation in cancer deaths.

Kentucky is in the top tier of States for deaths from colorectal, skin and lung cancer in particular. Source: US Center for Disease Control

Lung cancer deaths are significantly higher in Kentucky and in Appalachian coal mining communities in general. Source: Lung Cancer Journal

In fact, Michael Hendryx, an epidemiologist from West Virginia University has authored a series of studies that link coal mining to poor public health. Hendryx concludes that coal costs Appalachia more in premature deaths that the industry provides in economic benefits. Source:

Mitch McConnell has received nearly $200,000 (Source: Open
in campaign contributions from Peabody Energy, one of the world’s biggest coal companies that provides 10% of the nation’s coal used in electrical generation.
Source: International Mining

Yet Mitch McConnell fights efforts to mine and burn coal cleanly and safely

For example, in March 2005. McConnell voted against striking a Bush Administration EPA rule that excluded coal and oil fired electric generating units from the list of major sources of hazardous pollutants under the Clean Air Act’s mercury control parameters which limit mercury admissions into the atmosphere. These dangerous pollutants are released when coal is burned.

Senator McConnell fights nearly every clean energy initiatives that comes his way.

These include tax incentives for clean energy, ending Federal subsidies for Big Oil, supports expanding off-shore and arctic oil drilling, reducing gasoline consumption by raising mile-per-gallon requirements and in fact voted to remove Corporate Fuel Economy standards.

Peabody Energy one of the nation's biggest coal for electricity producers provides major bucks for Senator McConnell's campaign warchest.

For more details on how Mitch McConnell has supported polluters against health and the environment see:

Poor health: a fact of life in Mitch McConnell's Kentucky

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ranked 13th in USA for stroke deaths, Kentucky residents may face increased risk of mental impairment

Hear Republican Senators Mitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions and John Kyl fight for the destruction of Medicare even as Kentucky residents suffer disproportionally from stroke and cancer deaths

Along with other residents of the stroke belt (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Texas and Missouri) all of which happen to dominated by conservative "Red" politics, Kentuckians may also be suffering from increased rates of mental impairment and other forms of cognitive decline. For details read the New York Times Article here.

With 47.99 deaths per hundred thousand, Kentucky ranks 13th in the US for stroke deaths according to the statistics furnished by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Kentucky: 6th fattest state in the USA
Kentucky also comes in 6th in the US for obesity with nearly 32% suffering from this health problem that translates into other dangerous and expensive illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. What's also shocking is that Kentucky ranks 3rd in the US for kids with obesity in the 10-17 age range.

Kentucky Needs Health Insurance and Health Education
Kentucky also ranks 12th from the bottom in the number of people with health insurance (US Census). Why would South Carolina conservatives like Senator Mitch McConnell lead the fight against universal health coverage?